Paula Fairfield / Sound designer / NFF Proftalk 2023

Every now and then, we get to talk to international sound design rockstars, and even though we primarily focus on the Dutch-speaking work field, we certainly don’t let these special conversations pass us by.


During the recent Dutch Film Festival, the VCA invited Paula Fairfield to talk about her work. Paula is most famous for her creature design work on series like Game of Thrones and House of Dragon.


It was a memorable conversation between Aline and Paula about sound design, workflows, ‘tempitis’, and the high standards you can set for yourself, but also the boundaries you can establish with others.


Big thanks to Paula Fairfield for allowing us to broadcast her very interesting, moving and inspiring Proftalk. And also a big thanks to the Dutch Film Festival for giving us this opportunity.


Photo’s courtesy of NFF /

Almicheal Fraay